The K2 – Episode 12 (Analysis)



Another episode! Another comment!

I know all you Song Yoon-ah Addicts were anxiously awaiting more of her wonderful turn as Yoo-jin. Today’s episode may not have been as fruitful for you as Episode 11 (that confrontation with Se-joon was quite the tour-de-force wasn’t it?). But we do get an interesting show nonetheless.

Today’s theme: The fight for control!

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On Yoona


A common criticism I hear about Yoona is that she is “overrated” and that she is “not that talented”. These critics allege she is “not a good singer” or “not a good actress” and point to these alleged shortcomings as proof of her being overrated.

To these critics I would respond: I disagree that Yoona is overrated and feel they have fundamentally misunderstood her worth.

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The K2 – Episode 6 (Analysis)


So another episode. I loved it. For all those (few?) who were eagerly awaiting more development of Anna’s character, today’s episode is for you (I include myself in this group. You know me, crazed Yoona fan and all). For those who find Anna’s character and scenes a low point, well… you may have to muddle through. 😉

Today’s theme: heartbreaking realizations.

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