TWICE – Likey – MV – (Review) – [VIDEO]

What an age we live in.  The age of Instagram and Snapchat.  Millions of people interconnected by a dazzling string of selfies, group photos, cute poses, personal snapshots of life, love, the happy, the sexy, the sad and and the mundane.  The “like” injects a measure of personal connection to this endeavor.  Instead of just remaining as cold observer of other people’s lives.  The like allows us to connect even in such a small way.  To say hey…. We “likey”.

JYP and TWICE take on this aspect of modern culture in their just released pop track “Likey”.



A first rate tropical house influenced pop track.  The song is upbeat and lively.  The energy and sense of youthful fun is infused within the track.  Standing as the most catchy song I’ve heard all year, the “likey” hook works phenomenally.  The song retains the child-like cuteness and aegyo phrasing that has become a TWICE trademark.  Some find this a negative, but per my stance on aegyo, I appreciate its retention.  I love it all.  This is my favorite title TWICE has put out and perhaps on my shortlist of favorite songs this year.

All the girls shine in their individual parts but I’ll touch on a few.

Sana.  This is Sana’s track in my opinion.  My favorite voice in TWICE, her cute vocals are the cornerstone to the entire endeavor and her repetitive “likey” phrasing is the crucial hook that elevates this song and ensures it will stay with you.

Jihyo.  Solid dependable Jihyo serves up great vocals.

Jeongyeon.  This girl rocks her parts and I found her segments interesting in their construction.

Chaeyoung/Dahyun.  I’m a hard sell on raps as I generally dislike them in kpop as I feel they are many times forced into tracks that don’t require them.  But I actually enjoyed both their parts as utilized here.  Their raps fit within the overall sound and they didn’t try too hard to be edgy.

Momo.  This girl rocked Likey.  Her cute aegyo was a standout portion of the song.  The cuteness fit the overall tone and sounded great within the song.


Shit’s in Korean.  (What… I’m not a lyrics guy.  Which is random because I’m a writer.  I’m more interested in how it sounds!)



Sits right after the song itself as my favorite part of this MV.  The “likey” hand gestures are cute and adorable and their combination with the sequenced movement (the pulling out of the guns movement as as a friend referred to it as) during the chorus are visually distinctive and eye-catching.  I am particularly fond of the chorus segment.  TWICE to some extent has made its name on these signature movements, some would say “gimmicks”.  Why would I fault TWICE for coming up with dance movements that are branded and formed such that they translate to our commodified times.  If you aren’t branding yourself you’re doing it wrong.  Catch up.

I can’t discuss the choreo without touching on Momo’s dance break.  Wow.  This girl shined in her moment.  Beyond Sana, Momo is the secondary star of this MV in my opinion.  She’s physically gorgeous and her dance was a highlight of the track.

The rest of the choreo was fun and visually pleasing and I look forward to all the fancams to be had once TWICE begins their performance schedule.


Going with their Instagram concept, the music video showcases the girls interacting with their phones on a one on one basis.  Posing and gesturing for the best selfie, the video incorporates this element well into the greater music video.  I read that parts of the video itself were shot using iPhones to properly capture the homemade social media feel.  Overall I thought it was well produced and fit the concept they were going for.


Roger Ebert, the late movie reviewer, was famously known for saying that when one reviews something, you must keep in mind what the movie intends to be and judge it based on that.  TWICE is not attempting to be a thought-provoking, intellectual group.  TWICE is not attempting to be a sexy or edgy group.  I do not fault them for not being those things.  Other groups can pursue those styles and topics.  TWICE is trying to be a fun, cute, mainstream pop Korean girl group.  The cute Top 40 of K-pop.  And judging them by this metric, TWICE shines.  It does everything that it intends and more.

If you’re still not on board let me ask you?  What is the usual response to cuteness?  What do people do when they see something they find adorable?

They smile.

Sometimes, music is just there to make you smile.


I wish there was more Pretty Tzuyu face-time in the video.  Because, you know, I’m in love with the girl.  TT.



– Eman’s favorite TWICE title

– Fun, cute, and catchy

– Addictive hook

– Cute, visually-pleasing choreo

– Sana is a star

– Momo dance break standout

A VISUAL SUMMARY OF EMAN’s FEELINGS (When Words Will Not Suffice):


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