Suzy Is An Underrated Artist – [VIDEO]


When one discusses underrated artists in kpop, Suzy is not a commonly posed example.

As premier starlet of JYP and internationally recognized visual, she doesn’t fit the normal profile of one who might be considered to be undervalued.

However, in my opinion, she is in fact underrated.

In a landscape dominated by edm, tropical house and hip hop influenced pop, Suzy aspires to varied heights.

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TWICE – Likey – MV – (Review) – [VIDEO]

What an age we live in.  The age of Instagram and Snapchat.  Millions of people interconnected by a dazzling string of selfies, group photos, cute poses, personal snapshots of life, love, the happy, the sexy, the sad and and the mundane.  The “like” injects a measure of personal connection to this endeavor.  Instead of just remaining as cold observer of other people’s lives.  The like allows us to connect even in such a small way.  To say hey…. We “likey”.

JYP and TWICE take on this aspect of modern culture in their just released pop track “Likey”.

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