The K2 – Episode 12 (Analysis)



Another episode! Another comment!

I know all you Song Yoon-ah Addicts were anxiously awaiting more of her wonderful turn as Yoo-jin. Today’s episode may not have been as fruitful for you as Episode 11 (that confrontation with Se-joon was quite the tour-de-force wasn’t it?). But we do get an interesting show nonetheless.

Today’s theme: The fight for control!

Let’s hit the highlights:

First, Anna’s fight for control over her mother’s narrative. Okay, characterizing it as a fight for control may be a stretch, but she is at least struggling to reconnect with and address her emotions and connection with her dead mother. So in a way, she is fighting for control over her own emotions and assessment of where she stands in relation to the memory of her mother. Attending her mother’s gravesite and acting as surrogate for her at the fashion show functions as a vehicle through which Anna is able to address the long suppressed feelings related to her mother and her passing. Anna is, in some respect, grieving for the first time. Like her physical isolation, Anna has been isolated from her own feelings and connection with her mother. Today’s episode shows her exploring and addressing emotions long suppressed during her captivity.

Second, Je-ha’s and Sung-won’s fight for control over position as shepherd for Anna during this time of her emotional vulnerability. Anna appears to have placed a concerning level of trust in “Uncle” Sung-won, allowing him to direct and lead her through the events related to her mother. She follows his lead in attending the gravesite, in attending the fashion show, and in allowing him to articulate the false narrative in regards to the situation between her mother, Se-joon and Yoo-jin. Je-ha senses that Sung-won is only using Anna to suit his designs for power, but Anna, in her state of emotional frailty, is either naive to or dismissive of her Uncle’s obvious machinations. His manipulation of her may not have immediate negative consequences, as at least for the time being, both his and Anna’s goals are somewhat aligned against Yoo-jin. Je-ha rightfully senses that Sung-won does not truly care for Anna, and that she will only be safe within his shadow only as far as her utility to him extends. Signs of his utilitarian approach to Anna are already apparent, and can be exemplified in the scene involving Anna’s taking of the medication. Concerned only with Anna’s “performance” to further his goal of gaining public sympathy for his designed narrative regarding Anna’s mother’s death, Sung-won facilitates Anna’s use of the anti-anxiety drug despite its possible health concerns for her. Je-ha protests out of his love and concern for her well-being. That Anna shrugs off Je-ha’s protestations, and chooses to trust in her Uncle over Je-ha is worrisome for their future.

Last, Yoo-jin’s fight to control her own narrative and the narrative of Anna’s relationship to her. Yoo-jin is embattled from all sides, facing attacks from Sung-won and an unclear threat from an unlikely source. Sung-won’s false story regarding the circumstances of Anna’s mother’s death instigates an investigation into Yoo-jin and her possible responsibility in that death. Additionally the tv pundit plant that had been sided with her faction appears to have traded loyalties and is advocating not in her favor on national television. Overcome with the allegation that she was involved in the death of Anna’s mother, Yoo-jin appears to faint from the onslaught. Although to her enemies and underlings it may appear to only be an intentional play by Yoo-jin to direct the situation in her favor, we the audience are not so sure that the play was calculated. Anna’s hospital visit also exposes her to a threat from an unlikely source, in that of Master Song. Master Song, all smiles and bearing gifts of juice, unexpectedly makes some kind of ambiguous threat that Yoo-jin clearly fears, as indicated by her anger shown once she recognizes she’s being threatened. As we are shown in today’s episode, Master Song may be more than just comedic relief. He apparently has a history with Yoo-jin and her family, and that history (and what he may know) poses some threat to Yoo-jin and her attempts to maintain power. It will be interesting to see what Master Song knows (who killed Anna’s mother perhaps?) and how it poses threat to Yoo-jin and her aspirations. In a desperate attempt to take back control over the narrative, Yoo-jin ultimately reveals the information that she has for so long stopped at nothing to contain, that of the parentage of Anna by Se-joon. That whopper rightfully comes at the climax of the episode, leaving us a juicy cliff-hanger to satiate us until next week’s episode.

Well, that’s all for today! I hope all are still enjoying the show. Are any Anna/Je-ha fans left? Or do I stand alone? Haha. Judging by some of the comments I’ve read on other sites, it seems there are a lot of individuals cursing the lost opportunity for some kind of romance between Je-ha and Yoo-jin. I can’t say I disagree with the feeling that the two definitely have great chemistry together. But, alas, I am ultimately rooting for an Anna/Je-ha pairing. You know me, all in for Yoona and all. I guess I must be in, as one commentator I saw put it, the category of viewer who watches with the sole concern of seeing the OTP come to fruition. A contemptible simpleton, I think, was the implication, lol. No matter! I’ve been referred to as worse, lol. It’s all in good fun anyway! 🙂

See you next week!


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