[K-Drama Favs] Discovery of Love, Emergency Couple, The Prime Minister and I


It’s rom-com day here at Emanresu K-Drama.  Time to recommend a few fun, breezy rom-coms for your swooning enjoyment.




Genre: Romantic Comedy / Drama

Setup: A young designer’s life and engagement to her plastic surgeon fiance is upturned when her handsome ex / first love reappears in her life.

Cast: Eric, Jung Yu-Mi, Sung Joon, Yoon Hyun-Min, Kim Seul-Gi

Comment: Hilarious and romantic. Jung Yu-Mi and Eric are wonderful here and make an adorable couple. Yoon Hyun-Min and Kim Seul-Gi are hilarious as supporting characters. I really enjoyed this despite not really being much of a fan of Sung Joon.




Genre: Romantic Comedy / Drama / Medical

Setup: A secretly married and then divorced couple’s feelings for one another are rekindled when they meet again years later as interns at the same hospital.

Cast: Song Ji-Hyo, Choi Jin-Hyuk, Lee Pil-Mo, Choi Yeo-Jin, Clara Lee

Comment: A great medical rom-com. Hilarious. Hate each other then come to love each other fare.




Genre: Romantic Comedy / Drama

Setup: A stuffy, dignified, newly minted Prime Minister and a plucky, young celebrity gossip reporter are forced into an unlikely contract marriage.

Cast: Lee Beom-Soo, Im Yoona, Yoon Si-Yoon, Chae Jung-An

Comment: Some really hilarious interactions and characters. Beom-Soo and Yoona have great chemistry together. Yoona’s character’s father is so funny and endearing yet heartbreaking. Many of the usual contract marriage trappings, co-habitation, hate each other at first but then come to love each other fare. Overall a great mix of comedy, romance, and drama. One of my favorite rom-coms, and I believe, an entirely underrated one.  (NOTE: As you may know if you’ve perused much of this site.  I’m a die hard Yoona Addict.  This is my favorite performance from her.  I think she fits this sort of material perfectly.)


(Credit to Korean Drama Fashion for the screencap.)

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