2NE1 Dara – It Hurts – MV – (GIFS [7] + VIDEOS [1])


So I was perusing 2NE1‘s back catalog and re-watched their MV It Hurts.

What kind of sorcery is this?  I’ve been bewitched (all over again).

Let’s talk about Dara….

How is one so beautiful?

So taken was I with Halloween Dara and her Frizzled Witch Hair-do that I was compelled by way of spell to make up some gifs to better showcase the wonder that is Crazy Witch Hair Dara.

Seriously guys… That second to last one though….

So pretty….. it hurts….  (I know lame.. but I had to.)

Anyway I know I’m like 6 or some odd years too late, but I thought I’d share them because I just made them. Besides, everyone needs more Pretty Dara in their life.

Have at it.


GIFS [7]:


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