On Yoona


A common criticism I hear about Yoona is that she is “overrated” and that she is “not that talented”. These critics allege she is “not a good singer” or “not a good actress” and point to these alleged shortcomings as proof of her being overrated.

To these critics I would respond: I disagree that Yoona is overrated and feel they have fundamentally misunderstood her worth.

If Yoona were valued solely on her vocal ability, she would perhaps be deemed merely a pleasant singer. If she were valued solely on her acting talent, she might be considered charming enough, yet maybe not particularly expansive in range. If valued solely on her attractiveness, she may not perfectly fit every person’s conception of beauty. If Yoona were valued on these attributes in isolation, then yes, maybe one could say she is “nothing special” or “overrated”.

However, Yoona is unique in that she is the whole package. Her admirers do not love her based solely on one single attribute. They love her for the combination of virtues she exhibits.

Yoona is intelligent, hardworking and talented. She has a fun-loving, warm personality and possesses an intoxicating charm. She is kind and empathetic, respectful and humble. She exhibits an enticing vulnerability and gentle femininity. She is graceful and poised, elegant and beautiful. She is all of these things and more, and that is why she is so greatly admired, and deservedly so.

Yoona is beloved by the world because she represents an aspirational feminine ideal. Her male admirers see the kind of woman they dream of marrying. Her female admirers see the kind of woman they might like to be.

She is more than the sum of her parts. And judging whether or not she is overrated based on a single of her attributes or endeavors without considering the whole is an inaccurate and unfair assessment of her value, or lack thereof.

Just my two cents…


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