Guiding Perspective

A bit on how I approach drama discussion:

If you’ve perused any of my drama analyses/reviews, you’ll notice they are rather light on negative criticism.  This isn’t an accident.  Or because I’m just some Kool-Aid sipping Pollyanna.

It is an intentional choice.

I think it was the American film director John Ford who said (and I’m paraphrasing), “When faced with the decision between printing the truth or printing the legend.  Print the legend.”

I deliberately approach drama discussion (and all discussion on this site) from a celebratory perspective.

Rather than tear down.  I want to build up.

Now, there’s a downside to this approach.  If you come to this site with the expectation that I will be pointing out all the flaws in a given drama so that you may be steered clear of a poorly done drama (if you have yet to see it) or come to delight in trashing a show with a like-minded soul (if actively watching or have already watched), you’ll be disappointed, I suspect.

I sometimes enjoy throwing my fair share of rotten vegetables at a lackluster show or two, but generally this does not give me motivation quite like the act of celebrating a show can, so you’ll see less of it by me.

Much of the enjoyment to be had in viewing dramas is, in my opinion, in the celebration of the show, the characters and story itself.  Like a young boy being told a grand, broadly painted yarn by firelight, I want to revel in the tale being told (despite its flaws).

So then.

If you want to come “glass half full” this sh– with me.  Welcome aboard!  🙂



Oh… also…

SITE RULE #1: Yoona is perfection.  Don’t expect me to utter anything negative about her.  It simply won’t happen.  Ever.  I’m a man bewitched.  Besides, I don’t think there would be anything negative to say.  Perfection and all.  😉

SITE RULE #2-∞: (See Rule #1)