The K2 – Episode 5 (Analysis)


Okay so this episode was kind of a filler episode. That said I still enjoyed it!

Today’s theme: Je-ha makes waves in the development of his relationships with his two new girl pals.

Let’s go over the highlights:

First, the memorial service and will reading. I’ll admit, I didn’t quite understand everything about the scene at the reading of the will. They seem to have been trying to play the scene like Yoo-jin was under some potential physical threat, but all I got was that she was under emotional (and political) threat. Anyway, the scene did work in that it resulted in Yoo-jin realizing two important things regarding Je-ha. Je-ha taking matters into his own hands without prompt from her demonstrated his inability to be controlled. At the same time, it positions Je-ha in Yoo-jin’s mind as a potential romantic partner, at least in her eyes. His anticipation of her needing him in the will room and his decision to act in her interest without command really moved Yoo-jin. Je-ha’s subsequent behavior towards her during their exit from the memorial grounds also emphasized the fact that Je-ha is not some servile underling, but a man standing as her equal. Notice her pause and momentary confusion when Je-ha placed his hand at the small of her back. It suggests genuine concern and dare I say affection on his part, and I think really sealed the deal in Yoo-jin’s mind in how she views him. Even if Je-ha’s actions are not motivated by any romantic interest, they are being interpreted by Yoo-jin as at least showing Je-ha to her in that light.

Second, the interaction between Anna and Je-ha at the house. I thought the roof scene was touching in that it successfully baited Je-ha’s protective instinct. Anna’s innocence and kind nature was showcased through her feeding and playing with the kitten. The scene also effectively showed Je-ha (and us) Anna’s vulnerability. Her statement to herself when the kitty was meowing for food, “I’m hungry too.” seemed to mean much more than those stated words. It seemed to speak to her deep desire for more, more than the life of captivity she’s been forced to live. Her subsequent breakdown into crying evidence of her longing and despair.

Finally, the ramen scene. I’m sure Anna’s ramen scenes are becoming a highlight for all you beanies lol. As indicated by many of past comments I’ve read, it seems the common assessment of these scenes is that they’re more “ramen CF” than any real scene. Many take issue with Yoona’s acting, characterizing it as overdone and fake (I even heard suggestions of lunacy). I’ll respectfully disagree. My interpretation is that Anna’s character is kind of an odd duck anyway. Hell, she’s been held in captivity her entire life. During that captivity, she’s had to be alone without emotional or intellectual interaction with basically anyone. Small inconsequential things, like being able to make ramen, would take on huge importance in someone’s life under those conditions. Such an event would also function much like a proxy for the things Anna is unable to do given her situation. Faced with the despair of being unable to live her life, being unable to do the things normal individuals do, Anna focuses on some simple pleasure within her ability and means. Thus ramen becomes a manifestation of her longing for more.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope everyone is enjoying the show as much as I am (probably doubtful judging by past comments lol). In any event, I’m excited for what comes next!

Take care!

(P.S. The usual fanboy aside. The previews of Yoona singing Amazing Grace in the church in Episode 4 and this episode… Wow… So beautiful. So heartachingly beautiful. Never was there a more beautiful woman in a habit. And to think before this I never had a thing for nuns lol.)


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