TWICE Tzuyu – Signal – 4th Mini Album – Teasers (170504/170505) (PHOTOS [2])


TWICE Tzuyu gets her own teaser images ahead of TWICE’s 4th Mini Album ‘Signal’ due out 170515.

The group’s new concept evokes a rich prep school/Gossip Girl theme.

Pretty Tzuyu wears a cute, fashionable dark blue and white school uniform.  Tzuyu shows off her trademark reserved, elegant yet girlish charm.

Tzuyu is my favorite member in TWICE.  She’s so very pretty and charming.  Her shy demeanor combined with occasional slips into youthful cuteness is a winning combination.  I’m looking forward to her group’s upcoming comeback.

(Credit to JYPETWICE for the photos.)




2 thoughts on “TWICE Tzuyu – Signal – 4th Mini Album – Teasers (170504/170505) (PHOTOS [2])

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