PRISTIN’s Nayoung – Prettiest Chipmunk Alive (PHOTOS [3] + VIDEOS [3])


So I’ve found my new kpop obsession.

Pristin’s Nayoung is hands down the prettiest chipmunk I’ve ever seen!

The girl is like some kind of unbelievable cross between a young Uee and Seolhyun!   OH JOY!  (Not that Joy!)

Nayoung is the hottest thing in kpop since Seolhyun.

Honest to god this pretty chipmunk is ruthless in her absolute ass-kickery and irresistible coquettishness.

The girl smirks and winks and flips that hair like a damn siren. I can’t. I can’t.

Gosh… She’s so unbelievably adorable.  I think I’m in love!


Come be amazed at the best thing to happen to kpop since AOA found its Seolhyun angel.







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