What Makes A Yoona A Yoona? (Breakdown)


It’s right there in the title.  What makes a Yoona a Yoona?

Is it magic?  Pixie dust?  Luck and wonderment?

This kind of question is perhaps best answered through a chart.  A pie chart to be specific.  Because, hello, who doesn’t love pie???

Here’s my breakdown of what makes Yoona…uhh Yoona.  😉



So we have a fitting tie for top component between Personality and Visual at 23 percent each.  Yoona is all dork, goof, sweetness and grace all rolled up into the aesthetic of some mythical ethereal creature of storied legend.  Like a wood nymph or some crazy pretty pixie, Audrey Hepburn as Cute Korean Dork, that sort of thing.

Coming in third place at 18 percent is her domination of the modeling and cf scene.  That girl moves product!  (Looking at you Innisfree… You know…)  If anyone can make Crocs fashionable it’s Yoona.  People just like her.  It’s pretty much Marketing 101.  Want to sell something?  Find yourself a Yoona.

My favorite is the Angel From Heaven Factor.  Made up categories of measurement are always fun and satisfying.  Nothing like a little delusion to keep a fanboy happy and engaged.

Anyway, pretty nifty right?  And I’m sure it cleared up any confusion you may have had.  So next time someone asks you “Who’s Yoona?” you can just whip out this ridiculous chart.  You’re welcome.

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