Suzy – Yes No Maybe – MV (K-Pop Review) – (PHOTOS [2] + VIDEO [1])


My late-adopter ass is always late to the game with music. But I finally went back the other day and watched Suzy’s Yes No Maybe.

Wow.  I love it.

Did no one love this release?  A cursory search of kpop forums and charts suggest it didn’t do so hot on release.  People seemed to have slept on it.

Anyway, the music video killed.

I’m a huge Wong Kar Wai fan (Chinese film director based out of Hong Kong) and it evoked a similar style to his 90s fare.  Think Fallen Angels, Happy Together, Days of Being Wild, and Chungking Express (My favorite film). Wong Kar Wai is one of the seminal visual auteurs and whoever did this video made a loving ode to his trademark style. I’m so into it.

Moody reds and languid neon swaying through seedy back alleys and dilapidated locales, shadowed bedrooms haunted by vice, sin and failed dreams, all dripped in dark sensuous romanticism. A visual blending of wanting despair and erotic longing.

As to the track:

Here is a song that is moody and sexy.  Dark and seedy. A sensuous and romantic lament.  Mature in it’s femininity and presentation.

The stripped down minimalist approach fits the aesthetic evoked by the music video in my opinion. It’s the kind of minimal, roughly constructed romantic performance you’d expect to find in some swank smoke filled music hall on a dark side street in Hong Kong. A place of late night trysts and unseemly encounters between secretive lovers and exiles, sharply dressed gentlemen trying to drown their troubles in liquor and companionship, and sensual women in want of romance, glamour and escape.

Couple the wonderful video with Suzy’s beautiful, sensual vocal efforts and you have a killer combo.  I’ll ask again… Where was everyone on this?






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