On Yoona: Aesthetic Appeal (PHOTOS+VIDEOS) (*UPDATED*)


On Yoona’s aesthetic appeal:

Yoona has a certain “girl next door” allure that makes her incredibly attractive.  She exhibits an unassuming, nuanced sort of beauty. A beauty that is not flashy or exotic, but elegant and subtle in its femininity. Facial symmetry and bone structure play a large role here. Her facial features are clean and proportional, rather than over-exaggerated.  Her large, doe-like eyes and soft, youthful visage help to give her a pure, innocent aesthetic.  Her long, slender figure, modest bust and gentle curves suggest a subtle, delicate femininity rather than an overt, buxom one. These physical attributes, when combined with her warm, dorky, youthful personality and certain girlish charm, in my view, explain her intoxicating appeal.




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